A Love Letter To Me

Jonise Trenea’ Boyd. You go girl. Your heart is pure as gold. Your soul is filled with love and the glory of God. Everyday you make me so proud. Your strength in the time of pain, your endurance to never give up, your willingness to forgive, your realness, your ability to make others laugh and feel good….these are just a few qualities that you possess.

You are my dream come true. When you walk in a room you command everyone’s attention. Some love it, some hate it but you continue to shine regardless of what others think of you. Over the last few years you have endured pain and hardship that most would never know or possibly fathom. You have cried yourself to sleep on numerous nights and have spent a season of being alone and depending on absolutely no one but God. Some days you wanted to give up and quit. Some days you cursed out those you loved. Some days you shut others out. Some days you smiled through the pain. But your persistence and consistency and faith in Jesus kept you.

Jonise you are the most beautiful woman I know inside and out. Your work ethic is relentless. Your compassion is admired. Never forget that you are a Queen and a child of the most High God. Remember to keep Jesus 1st and everything else will fall into place. May your angels and ancestors in heaven continue to guide and protect you. And may all of your heart’s desires become a reality. ❤

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