“Happily Divorced”

Many people believe that getting a divorce is a near death experience and for many people (especially women) it really is. But two beautiful, ambitious and intelligent women, Jessica Fernandez and Victoria Ogirri, reveal how they received peace, how they grew and found love within themselves and how they are now, “HAPPILY DIVORCED”. Click on the link below to check out their empowering story.

I want to thank both Victoria and Jessica for sharing their journey and experience about being, “Happily Divorced”. Of course, the conversation with the ladies was much longer and even more in depth. So, if you have any questions for either women, you can comment in the box below. If you, have a similar story you would like to share be sure to email me at joniseboyd@gmail.com.


14 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Karen A. Leachman says:

    Hey NeNe God Blessed You with Both, yes You had your Struggles but You stayed Strong. You are a Beautiful Young Lady and Yes You have the Brains. Keep Going, Love You Much.


  2. Brittany & KJ says:

    Go Nene!! I think this is a great idea!! I’m so proud of you and everything your doing!! Keep letting your dreams unfold before you and hold onto God’s UNCHANGING hands!! We love you!


  3. Denise Posey says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories, Jessica and Victoria! Again I say to you Jonise, your website is amazing! I’m so proud of you. Continue to keep God first and he will direct your path. Love You, Mom


  4. Denise Posey says:

    Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what the Lord has ahead in life for you Jonise. Continue to keep God first and he will continue to direct your path. I love the monthly changes in your website and how you focus on Young Women with Beauty and Brains! Thank you so much for including me as your Shero! I love you and will continue to pray for you and encourage you in all of your endeavors! To God Be The Glory! Mommy


  5. Denise Posey says:

    What a wonderful personal story shared by Basirat!!!! Thank you Jonise for sharing this story and giving us the opportunity to learn more about the Peace Corps and Basirat’s journey. Let her know we are continuously praying for her and we are very proud of her!!!!


  6. Denise Posey says:

    Jonise…..Wonderful!!!!! What can I say, you looked beautiful!!!!! Sandee, Aunt Denise is soooooo proud of you!
    Can’t wait until I come to NY and let you work some of your magic me!!!! Love you both!!!


  7. Denise Posey says:

    Jonise you are to be commended for deciding to feature “Breast Cancer!” Jeneine and Deniece, thank you for being so willing to open up your lives and share your challenges, and victory over “Breast Cancer!” To God Be The Glory! Continue to witness, share and encourage other women! I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Love, Jonise’s mom, Denise


  8. Quida Terry says:

    This was a very amazing and informative article. I appreciate the writer…go NeNe!!!!! but without the subject…there’s no story. I truly thank the sisters for sharing their experiences and helping to inform us all. I walk away knowing now that you can go on and beat it. Just keep God first and trust and believe. Thank You again sisters.


  9. Denise Posey says:

    How To Save A Pretty Penny!!! Thank you Chaka and Roxy for giving such sound financial advice and sharing your wisdom with us!!! Jonise, thank you for the variety of topics that have blessed us and informed us!!!! Thank you for placing a bright light on beautiful, career oriented young women. May God continue to bless all of you. Keep praying!!!!
    Love You, Mom


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