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The Boys & Girls Club of Newark provides hundreds of children in Newark with a safe space to learn to make positive life choices, establish healthy habits, and develop academic skills. Our professionally trained staff provide the support, passion, and guidance to make sure every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential and grow into confident, successful young men and women. 

We have four main programs: After school, Summer, Teens, and Community Health.

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SmartMoves – SMARTGIRLS Program

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Our SmartMoves and SmartGirls programs help children learn to “say no” to negative influences by being involved in discussions and workshops that help them strengthen their decision-making skills.

Some Of The Programs Include:

Session 1: Respect, Trust, Communication, Collaborative Decision- Making

Session 2: Self-Esteem, Personal Identity

Session 3: Personal Identity, Media Literacy

Session 4: Change, Puberty

Session 7: Healthy Friendships

Session 8: Peer Pressure, Bullying

Session 10: Role Models

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