Jonise Boyd Who?

I am bubbly, outgoing, loving,  funny, caring, and I can be overly sensitive if I am passionate about the subject. (Don’t blame me I am working on it.) NeNe (my nickname) showcases my caring and loving side.  While Jonise is straight business and wants to get work completed and finished. My life is based on The Bible and Jesus The Son of God. Although my life is based on the Bible, I am in no way perfect.

Jonise Boyd is one the of the most hardest working people on earth. No matter where I’m at or who I am working for, I ask questions and once I comprehend and understand the task that I need to fulfill, I perfect the craft and work hard to accomplish the goals. Jonise also has determination and perseverance, never willing to give up in any circumstance.

My passion is everything  broadcasting (television, radio & digital) and my purpose is to be an example for younger women & girls.

Jonise Boyd is beautifully gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside.

My motto: “Keeping Jesus 1st so everything else can fall into place.”