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I had to give a huge shout-out to this beautiful boss lady. I met Tatiana in New York at an event where she was selling beautiful jewelry that she created.

photo by: @mikereelmckay

This gorgeous woman continues to be a bad ass boss while making others look amazing with her personally created accessory design and jewelry line

photo by: @Justinbare

Tatiana Ilia has worked for several years in the finance industry as a tax consultant. Working in the finance industry has helped Tatiana have a balance when it comes to both the business and creative industry. She also, works closely with community driven agency, Driven Society, along with other creative collectives in NYC.

Tatiana has a passion for women’s empowerment, healing work, philanthropy, modeling and more but her biggest passion is her jewelry and accessory line.

photo by: @daniel.emuna

To check out more on this beauty and her jewelry you can click the link:

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