Brandi Bennett is a Boss and CEO of her company and lifestyle brand titled, Go Off Sis, LLC.  Her company focuses on the edification of women and inspires them to take their dreams and aspirations to the next level. Brandi has made sure that Go Off Sis, highlights the achievements of boss ladies from all aspects of life. I was able to speak with the CEO and ask what motivated her to create a company that uplifts and inspires women.

How did you come up with the idea of having a company that empowers women? And how did you come up with the unique and poppin name “Go Off Sis”?

The idea about women’s empowerment came about in 2017 and 2018. I vividly remember having a conversation with my sister. I asked my sister what do I do really good? My sister said she feels like my talent is making people feel good. I realized I am a people person and I like creating safe spaces with women to vent and to be themselves. Go Off Sis started as a hashtag and then it grew naturally. That’s how we started. Go Off Sis is not just an annual event through Sister Social. It’s empowering women to elevate and get to the next level in every aspect of their life. 

The words, “go off” usually has a negative connotation but I wanted to change that to be a positive saying that would inspire women to go off in their careers, families, communities and every aspect of their life. In 2016 it became a hashtag. I can say it is God. When I first started I didn’t have an exact vision I just wanted to connect with women. 

You have a yearly event called, Sister Social for your lifestyle brand. Can you take us through that event and what the day consists of? 

This year which is our third year hosting, is the first time we put on a two part event. This year we had a VIP mixer where we invited twenty-five people. It was an intimate setting with individuals. It was located in Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were two sponsors Kiarra Logan and Ashlee Rush. Kiarra is a stylist. Ashlee is a real-estate agent. The twenty-five VIP guests were able to pick their brains and talk about what they are doing. Sunday we had nine vendors. From the vendor to the DJ and even the panelist, they are all black women. 

The main event on Sunday is held from one to five in the afternoon. The first hour is for the VIP guest to network. They get a package deal. With the package deal they get one professional headshot and one lifestyle photo. And they are able to shop with the vendors early. So they get early access. Once the door opens at two, everyone gets a full brunch menu. The Cooking Besties catered the event and they are both black women. Once the door opens for general admission everyone receives a Go Off Sis gift bag. The VIP guests have additional items. 

We then go into our Q&A and we have a panel. This year I was on the panel and my sister was the moderator. I thought it was important for me to speak on my healing process and for women to know that it is okay to be healing. I wanted to be transparent. It’s also, important for Black women to say they are going through something. 

The first year I didn’t know what I was doing. But seventy-five women attended the first year and then last year was two-hundred and fifty attendees with no vendors. And this year we were close to two-hundred women and we had nine vendors. It was important to have vendors so they could have a platform to highlight themselves. I do want my focus to be more than Sister Social so I am planning a clothing drive in Atlanta this year. 

What are some obstacles & challenges you’ve had to endure or overcome to have a brand? 

The most challenging obstacle I’ve had to overcome is comparison in my personal life and business. That’s why it’s imperative to take social media breaks. I am very passionate about Go Off Sis. I have seen women empowerment events being hosted by mean girls. People that meet me know I am for real. Sometimes I get emotional. When I started Go Off Sis there were a lot of things going on in my relationship and I poured into Go Off Sis. My company saved my life. I knew that Go Off Sis was it. Once I got over the idea of comparison, I was able to lock in and focus on me. 

This year there was another event the same day as Sister Social. It was another women’s empowerment event. I called my sister and she said, “what God has for you, is for you.” Once women get out of comparison you can go far. I give myself a two hour time limit on Instagram. I then hop off and it helps with my comparison and insecurity level. The biggest hurdle I’ve had to overcome is my identity and focusing on myself. I’ve also, noticed that I don’t vibe with everyone and that is okay. The second part of the answer is, it’s okay to not connect with everyone. It’s healthy to know energies. You have to know your lane and get out of your own head with comparison. 

What is your company’s biggest accomplishment?

I would say this years Sister Social because I was very hesitant on trying to do an event where I didn’t live there. It was very challenging. I was thinking how I was going to pull it off because I didn’t live in Indianapolis. We also, donated $1,000 in scholarships. We have a scholarship fund where we donate and give back to younger girls who are going to school or trade school. I was say that is my biggest accomplishment. 

What is your individual goal and your company’s ultimate goal?

My nine to five job is a project manager. I would honestly say, I’ve been really working on trusting God’s plan without over projecting. It’s really hard. My personal goal is to tap into God’s plan an allowing Him to work. I think seeing my life being flipped upside down forced me to be like, God whatever you are doing, you got it. That is my biggest goal that I am actively working on daily.

I honestly would say my company’s ultimate goal is to never stop. As much as I want to take a break. Sometimes, I say I need more rest but I’ve helped so many women. I want authenticity and longevity. This is a life changing experience. When I say I want to take a break it doesn’t work because I know this is what I am supposed to do. 

What is something you want people to know about you and Go Off Sis LLC that they might not know?

I really do everything myself. There is no team. I run social media. I send out invoices. I plan Sister Social. I upload to the website. I am so particular about how I am about everything that it can be challenging to ask for help. I just want Go Off Sis to have longevity and I want women to feel safe. And I want women to feel like they are enough. That can get lost in society and you sometimes need other women to uplift and support you. 

What is one piece of advice you would give your 16-year-old self? 

I would be say be single. This is my first birthday not having a boyfriend in ten years. I’ve always had a boyfriend. I can’t even say it’s daddy issues. My sister is opposite. Moving to Atlanta is the first year I’ve dated healthily. I would say to my 16-year-old self, be single and have fun. Whatever idea you have of love, girl bye. Be single. I would say focus on yourself as a young teenager and know whatever love you think you want to give, pour that into yourself. 

*All pictures were taken by Brandon Wright and Martina Jackson* 

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