Dear Mara Brock Akil

Here is a letter to a black woman that I admire.

I just have to take the time to thank this black Queen who has paved the way for me and other black women. I know that without her I would not have all of the opportunities that I am blessed with.

Mara Brock Akil. You want to know how you have made an impact on my life without even knowing me? You gave me the belief and strength in myself, that as a black woman I have the God given power, right and ability to produce & write content in Hollywood that will impact the culture, even when doors are shut and times get hard.

Mara 6

(Above Photo: Instagram)

You have shown people, that if you put your pen and paper to the pad and do the work you will be rewarded and most importantly you will bless others.

You are a true beauty on the inside and out. You showcase brilliance, integrity and a warrior spirit.

(Above Photo: Instagram)

 Mara you created ‘Girlfriends’ thinking of the black woman and making sure that our stories are heard on television and in Hollywood. The show still carries relevance even though it first launched twenty years ago. You created, ‘The Game’ which to this day is one of my favorite shows. ‘The Game’ showcased black actors that had a wide range of talent and could do both comedy and drama all in one show. It had such an impact, that fans demanded that it come back on air.

When you created and launched ‘Being Mary Jane’ I felt so connected to the characters that it seemed as if you took a peak into my life.  Mary Jane and I have so many similarities. ‘Black Lightning’ opened the door for more black entertainers to have jobs and it showed that black people could plays superheroes as well. ‘Love Is’ showed that black love story that was genuine and missing on our television screens.

Your presence is a gift. The way you carry yourself as a righteous woman is remarkable. When you face tough times it seems as if you find that inner strength to keep going and keep creating.

(Above Photo: Instagram)

Thank you for being a light. Thank you for opening up the door for me as a black woman in Hollywood. Thank you for being the ultimate Proverbs 31 woman who can balance her family life, career, friendships and philanthropy while still taking care of yourself. Thank you for healing the black community through television. Thank you for demanding what you are worth. Thank you for being you.

I pray that by God’s mighty power you receive this letter well. And I hope that you receive your flowers and praise while you are still are on this earth.

Mara 4

(Above Photo: Instagram)

Love & Respect,

Jonise Boyd

One Reply to “A Letter To A Black Queen”

  1. Beautiful and Inspiring Stories! Continue to share! Women need this type of encouragement! Praying for your strength and safety. Continue to pray and God will direct your path! Powerful Beautiful Black Woman! God is with you! Let your journey continue! Love You Jonise, my NeNe! Proud & Thankful Mother!

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