Girls night for my crew and I, is so extremely important for our #GirlPowerGroup. No matter how busy we become, we try to schedule “An Epic Girls Night” at least once a month. Here are a list of reasons all women and girls should take some quality time to spend with one another.


  1. Sometimes you just want to have female conversations with other women: You want to discuss things like; hair, nails, makeup, menstrual cramps, boys, love and so many other things.
  2. It’s important to empower one another #GirlPower: My friends and I, uplift one another when it comes to the way we look, work, family and any other situation. We always try to speak positivity into each others lives.
  3. Shopping: most males do not like shopping with women (from what I’ve experienced) so it’s always good to have girlfriends you can shop with for hours at a time.
  4. Exploring: I know people are wondering….exploring??? Yes, exploring different restaurants, fashion shows, bars, art exhibits, parks, clubs, concerts and more is always fun to do with your girls. Even if the activities do not end up as fun as you planned, you can always entertain one another. LOL. I allwwwaaayyyysss explore activities with my girlfriends first, to see if the activity is good. And if it’s not, I know we will have fun regardless.

    5. PARTYING: DISCLAIMER-Me and my crew are ALLLL #GIRLBOSSES. So we love to go out especially after a hard week of work or just to celebrate life. Partying with your girlfriends is the absolute best!!!


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