I want to begin this next journey by thanking all of the beautiful ladies that are on this picture collage below. At some point in my life you have all helped inspire my life  in one way or another and for that, I truly want to say thank you.

I took a year break to refocus and revamp my website. My previous website gave me an audience but I was not fulfilled with the content I was putting out. To be real, I used it as a launching pad for myself but I forgot to focus on what is truly important to myself and others.

After much prayer and thought I have decided to dedicate my website and life to encouraging and sharing stories of diverse women and girls that are doing their damn thing. As women we share similar struggles and stories and it is important for younger girls to see business boss women of all ages and ethnicities, overcome trials and tribulations while still being successful and fabulous.

Shout-out to all of my women and girls with Beauty  & Brains. Now lets grow on this journey together!!! ❤

ps…special thanks to “Your Queens” & Maya Collins for your pictures in the collage above.


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